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Exterior Repair Program

Beginning in 2014, PACT began an initiative to improve the exterior of homes within the PACT target geography. The exterior home repair program targets areas identified by PACT which complement existing redevelopment efforts and/or are within close proximity to strong targets for potential redevelopment.  Investments since 2014 have benefited 31 homes with improvements including exterior painting, chimney and roof repairs, porches, sidewalks and more. This program has been made possible with funding from Ohio State, United Way of Central Ohio, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing and Fifth Third Bank.

Near East Side Neighborhood Leadership Academy

The Near East Side Neighborhood Leadership Academy is an initiative made possible by the United Way of Central Ohio that provides a curriculum to develop neighborhood leadership. The 40-hour curriculum prepares neighborhood champions to step into leadership roles in community improvement initiatives and provides guidance in working with and through local governance to create grassroots solutions to community challenges.

The next class of the Near East Side Neighborhood Leadership Academy will take place February - April, 2020! Please stay tuned for the application to be released.

Health Sciences Academies

The Health Sciences Academies (HSAs) are a partnership of Columbus City Schools, The Ohio State University, and Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT). The HSAs are comprised of the following schools: East High School, Champion Middle School, Beatty Park, East Columbus, Eastgate, Ohio Avenue, and Trevitt Elementary Schools. HSAs exist to produce successful, positive outcomes for the children and families of the Near East Side of Columbus and to transform this geographic area into an education destination of choice.

Parent University

Parent University_Orange_Black.jpg

Parent University is a program designed to serve as a parental engagement tool to assist parents in acquiring the necessary resources to become great partners, advocates, and coaches for their children to achieve academic success. Parent University is made possible for the Health Sciences Academies with funding from the Franklin County Commissioners via the Franklin County Department of Jobs and Family Services, as well as PNC Bank. This year’s Parent University will start October 29th and run through March 25th. Participants are expected to attend all 5 sessions.

The 5 session dates are:
October 29, 2018
November 26, 2018
January 28, 2019
February 25, 2019
March 25, 2019



The Near East Side Hop (NES Hop) is a week-long event series to be hosted in late August in the historic Near East Side community. It is designed to offer young professionals and families from all backgrounds a chance to explore and engage the neighborhood and the diverse opportunities to experience art, culture, entertainment, worship, and recreation. The goal of NES Hop is to offer a fresh perspective of the Near East Side community; and explore retail, entertainment, neighborhood assets, and resources. Throughout the week, young professionals, families, and community members will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the area while networking with community leaders and stakeholders.

PACT Film Series

Upcoming film series showings will be at the Lincoln Theater on 11/11/ 2018, 12/2/2018, 1/19/2019, 2/9/2019.

Community Safety Initiative

Our Community Safety Initiative was born from community input suggesting ways we can demonstrate the community's commitment to shared values. The Safety Pledge is one way that we're working to spread those shared values and provide residents of the PACT geography with visual reminders of the community's continued commitment to be inviting, inclusive, and vibrant. 

Neighborhood Safety was a significant area of priority for Near East Side residents and was identified as such in the Blueprint for Community Investment.  Through its work with the National Center for Urban Solutions, PACT developed the PACT Geography Community Safety Plan.  In 2017, a series of community meetings were held during which the Safety Plan was presented to residents and other stakeholders.  From those meetings, three action items for 2018 emerged.  They are as follows:

  • Conduct a Community Clean-Up Day (Conducted April 21, 2018)

  • Launch the "Take the Pledge" Community Safety Campaign

  • Launch the PACT Geography Neighborhood Safety Advisory Council (planned implementation: Q4 2018)


The Ohio State University Homeownership Incentive Program

In an effort to increase the level of homeownership in the University District, The Ohio State University developed a down payment assistance program in 1998 for its faculty and staff for the purpose of purchasing homes within the neighborhoods of the University District. In 2017, this program was expanded to include the historic Near East Side where the University and its partners made a commitment to revitalize one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods—home to University Hospital East and CarePoint. The down payment assistance is a $8,000 forgivable loan to be used toward the purchase of a home in the Incentive Area is available to eligible employees of The Ohio State University. To following critera must be met to be eligible for the Homeownership Incentive Program:

  • Be an employee of The Ohio State University - All faculty and staff who are employees of OSU (must be regularly receiving paychecks from OSU) with regular appointments of 50% FTE or greater.
  • It must be the applicants primary residence - The home must serve as the recipient’s principal residence and can be single family, 2 to 4 family, condominium or new construction dwelling.
  • It must be located within the Incentive Area

Please contact Cassaundra Patterson via e-mail at or by phone at 614-247-8037 if you are interested in applying for the Ohio State Faculty & Staff Near East Side Homeownership Incentive Program. Click here to download the application.

PACT Blueprint.png

The Blueprint for Community Investment

In December 2010, The Ohio State University, City of Columbus and the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) embarked on a transformational community development initiative for a large part of the City’s Near East Side. In an area of over 800 acres—which is roughly equivalent to that of Downtown Columbus—these three organizations promised to develop a revitalization plan that was based on the community’s collective vision with achievable strategies and clearly identified implementation actions. Together, they formed the organization Partners Achieving Community Transformation, or PACT.

PACT engaged the community for over two years and held dozens of public meetings, open houses, community conversations, and other events. Five subcommittees were formed that included in total approximately 100 members and covered the following five core plan elements: Jobs and Economic Impact; Safe, Vibrant, and Accessible Neighborhoods; Health and Wellness; Education; and Housing. These subcommittees, who met monthly, developed detailed reports that guided the planning team’s final plan recommendations. The Blueprint for Community Investment was created and presented to the public in July 2013 based upon these sessions. It is a comprehensive, long-term strategy that has helped guide the development of our community, and from it, a vision for the community also emerged: 

"The Near East Side will prosper as a safe, inviting, and diverse mixed-income neighborhood, which builds on its important history and current residents while welcoming new and returning neighbors. It will have quality housing for all; healthy, educated and employed residents; beautiful green spaces; vibrant streets and thriving retail corridors."


Community Resource Guide

With the support of our funding partners - Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, The Ohio State University, and the City of Columbus - and our residents, PACT is pleased to bring you the 2018 Near East Side Resource Guide. The intent of this guide is to provide residents and visitors to Columbus’ Near East Side with a single source for resources within the PACT geography. The PACT geography has a Northern boundary of I-670, Southern boundary of Broad St., Eastern boundary of Woodland Ave., and a Western Boundary at I-71. This Guide was created with YOU in mind. To that end, we invite you to share with us your thoughts as to resources in the PACT geography that we may have missed.