The Blueprint for Community Investment

In December 2010, The Ohio State University, City of Columbus and the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) embarked on a transformational community development initiative for a large part of the City’s Near East Side. In an area of over 800 acres—which is roughly equivalent to that of Downtown Columbus—these three organizations promised to develop a revitalization plan that was based on the community’s collective vision with achievable strategies and clearly identified implementation actions. Together, they formed the organization Partners Achieving Community Transformation, or PACT.

PACT engaged the community for over two years and held dozens of public meetings, open houses, community conversations, and other events. Five subcommittees were formed that included in total approximately 100 members and covered the following five core plan elements: Jobs and Economic Impact; Safe, Vibrant, and Accessible Neighborhoods; Health and Wellness; Education; and Housing. These subcommittees, who met monthly, developed detailed reports that guided the planning team’s final plan recommendations. The Blueprint for Community Investment was created and presented to the public in July 2013 based upon these sessions. It is a comprehensive, long-term strategy that has helped guide the development of our community, and from it, a vision for the community also emerged: 

"The Near East Side will prosper as a safe, inviting, and diverse mixed-income neighborhood, which builds on its important history and current residents while welcoming new and returning neighbors. It will have quality housing for all; healthy, educated and employed residents; beautiful green spaces; vibrant streets and thriving retail corridors."