2018 NES Hop Events

About NES Hop

The first NES Hop, the Create Columbus Commission offered generous support as the lead sponsor through their mission to provide initiatives by and for young professionals. In 2013 Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT), in partnership with the Mount Vernon Avenue District Improvement Association (MVADIA), were awarded grant funds in the amount of $10,000 from the Create Columbus Commission. The NES Hop Planning Committee, which consisted of a group of young professionals who live, work and play on the Near East Side, were tasked to design and implement this community-based event series that would attract other young professionals to this diverse historic neighborhood. Throughout the years the program began to shift towards more family oriented programs. For example, in 2015, NES Hop began hosting family film nights and artist receptions.

Today, the event has transformed into one of the premier initiatives held by PACT, engaging hundreds of residents, community members, and young professionals in the area. This event series is a part of the revitalization efforts in the community that began in 2010, which focuses on job creation, residential development and programs and services to promote a healthy lifestyle. The Near East Side community expands from I-71, to East Broad Street to I-670, to Woodland Avenue and is rapidly regaining the vibrancy it once had. It’s rich history, proximity to downtown and need for creative and innovative thinkers make it ripe for the inflow of young professionals and families alike.